The Access to Justice Foundation

We aim to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable in society. We do this by raising funds and distributing them to organisations that support those who need legal help but cannot afford it (see our aims).

The Foundation receives pro bono costs awarded in cases where the lawyers for the winning party were acting for free; and unclaimed client account balances from law firms. We then distribute those funds to Legal Support Trusts, to national pro bono organisations, and to strategic projects. The Legal Support Trusts in turn distribute funds to local advice agencies and law centres.

Legal Support Trusts

The Legal Support Trusts across England and Wales organise an exciting calendar of fundraising events.
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Unlock Funds for Justice

Pro bono costs are like ordinary legal costs, but where a party had free legal representation. The costs are paid to The Access to Justice Foundation.
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Its Not Just Peanuts

Unclaimed balances in solicitors' client accounts can be donated to charity. The Its Not Just Peanuts campaign aims to encourage law firms to donate these to the Foundation.
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